What if there was a program that could help
elevate your success as an author...


A whole new stream of revenue you never thought possible.
wider audience so you can impact more lives
and make a difference. 

Imagine having your own custom Online Program that not only brings your STORY, PURPOSE & PASSION to life but is also the perfect, engaging companion program for your book journey?

Well HERE IT IS - This is exactly what we all wanted and needed, and it’s here for you!

  I've looked around for a program that delivers the same promise but I had no luck.


NO ONE was doing it, so I DID IT

I created an end-to-end, all-inclusive, complete online ecosystem solution. . .

Where you get to LAUNCH your own Signature Online Program that has been done for you or done with you in a fraction of the time it usually takes by having a blueprint that has been tested and proven to work, and a whole team of experts around you to guide you all the way.


I know you dream about how exciting it could be to launch that perfect, client-raving, audience-loving, new coaching or consulting program, or Online Course... 


Imagine, its opening day at Disneyland in 1955 when Walt Disney first opened Disneyland to the public, and people were climbing the back fences and photocopying the tickets to get in?
IT WAS A TOTAL HOT MESS RIGHT?!?! Talk about IMPOSTER SYNDROME. He had breakdowns in front of GLOBAL DIGNITARIES. . . and he just kept speaking his vision.

It’s all part of launching your business, and you have to do it to learn what you need to learn to grow an enterprise that will last and make a difference.

I know you don’t have the time to create a flagship consulting or coaching program because you like being with people. You’d rather be out doing what you are great at, not building online programs. WHERE’S THE LIFE IN THAT? AND THAT’S WHERE OUR TIME GOES.


Don’t keep wondering “what do I need to do next to be able to share my gifts, talents, message, and expertise with all these people that I know are ready for what I have”.
Let’s build it together. We teach what we needed to learn.




And now it’s time you brought it all together to

Launch Your Life‘s Work.

To Launch your expertise.

Launch your ability to inspire and move people.

Your ability to lead people.

Your ability to coach and enjoy revenue at scale.

And share your secrets and steps for success.

Let’s put it all together and create your

Life Work Signature Program.

I am ready to Launch My Life's Work and create my Online Programs


So, who am I?

I’m Chris Trammell, writer, creator, and developer of Launch Your Life’s Work. Together we’ll dream, discover, design, develop, and then deliver your life’s work out to the world in a succinct, clear, inspiring, and powerfully impacting way.

With over 20+ years of work and study in higher and secondary education, writing science curriculums, wildlife education programming, the hero's journey, and inspiring the minds of future science and environmental stewards, my diverse education background is exactly what you need for the journey you have been wanting to take.

Add to that 25+ years of competition, sports psychology, coaching, and training in sports ranging from competitive Judo, Track & Field, or being a 2x IRONMAN©, I am 100% committed that my team and I have you develop the discipline and 'training' that it takes to have you manifest your podium life experiences.

There was a time when I experienced myself as 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None.' And trust me, as a ‘High-Achiever ENFP’, I totally understand the shiny nickel syndrome. And when I was given a key distinction by one of our extraordinary coaches, it gave me permission to reframe my entire life journey. It was as if I was reversing the light of a prism, from multicolored and multi-passion, to 1 single bright white light called my Purpose shone through. A Light called 'Jack of All Trades, Master of One', and the One I began to master is the 'One unique You' in every life story I get to coach or write'.

You are the ONE.
You are the ONE to impactfully tell your life story.
You are the Hero of Your Life Story.

I have trained with some of the best animal trainers in the world.

I have learned from leading thought leaders and personal development programs on the planet. Programs such as the Tony Robbins Coaching Academy, Landmark Education’s programs on personal and professional transformation, Stephen Covey’s 7-Habits program, T. Harv Eker and the Millionaire Mind programs, and have studied the design theory and methodologies of transformational courses, workshops, and program writers.

I have gone out into the world and gathered the work so you wouldn’t have to. I have stayed up way too late and went way too deep down the rabbit holes so you wouldn’t have to.

Launch Your Life’s Work™  is all about becoming. Becoming the living expression of Your Life Work, and being paid well to do it.

Sometimes you need to stand in front of a coach that sees your greatness, sees you winning, and says “That was great! And if you just shift this, or add that, you will win even bigger and go even further.”

My team at Launch Your Life‘s Work is fully assembled and ready to take your Life's Work out into the world.

This pilot group of founding clients will have an opportunity like no other client will ever have. You will receive all of the possible services and ideas that we have planned for our flagship Life Work Program so that we can test, over serve and see what is actually needed to have you, our valued client, be successful and in sustainable revenue the shortest amount of time.  You get to help shape and test exactly what's needed to deliver the most high-value, high-result program in the next iteration in Q4 of 2022.

In this program, we are going to create and structure your Life Work Blueprint using the 5-D Life Work Process of launching your business.

The 5-D Life Work Process will effortlessly take you from establishing your beta clients, leveraging your one to one coaching, to starting to create what your group course or hybrid course will look like, what it will need, and when and how you will operate, market, launch and deliver it throughout the year.

The Launch Your Life's Work 5D-PROCESS

Phase 1: Dream

In this step, we will give you the freedom to dream again. You have put in so much work over the years. Reward yourself for it. What is that vision that you see possible for yourself, your family, your passions, and more importantly your dreams fulfilled Purpose?  What is the Legacy Lifestyle you envision for Your Life Work?

Phase 2: Discover

One of the most important steps in the Launch Your Life's Work 5D-Process™ is discovering the golden thread and Life Work Pivotal Moments within your story. When did you first hear the calling? When did your courage first come to you? What is the core golden-divine gift that you alone are meant to share, exactly as you are gifted to share it?

Phase 3: Design

This is where the creative team and Life Work Brand Process begins inside of our proprietary 5D-Process. Now we get to explore and build your brand, your strengths, your VOICE, and create the framework and blueprint for your high-performance ecosystem that's built to last, and most importantly, designed to have you stand out from the crowd while you fulfill on your dreams.

Phase 4: Develop

Now the tech team steps in and begins to guide, develop, or create with you the winning digital ecosystem that you will need to Launch Your Life's Work. A robust, integrated ecosystem designed to build your authority, celebrity, highlight your program or services, convert sales, build an audience, and attract more ideal clients. Essentially, your 'pit crew' is hard at work creating your high-performance vehicle to get you out in front performing for your raving fans pay to cheer you on, as your transform their lives.

Phase 5: Deliver

This is it. This is the critical phase of why you hired me and my team of extraordinary coaches and experts - for your success on game day. When it is time for you to step-up and deliver; your confidence, your mindset, your trust, and your already tested digital systems where everything has to be ready for you to shine. AND THEN YOU GO OUT AND DO IT!

And then, we review, refine, and repeat with even more confidence, more certainty, and more inspired internal Source Energy until you have your biggest launch yet. To deliver to your largest audience yet. To leave everyone, especially yourself, touched, moved, and inspired by the growth you have made, and the work and commitment you are for others.

And we will CELEBRATE that you caused this when you said YES, and your life will never be the same because you committed to Launching Your Life's Work.


Here is your opportunity to change the trajectory of your life, increase your revenue, and create impact at scale

The team of Launch Your Life‘s Work is assembled and ready to take your life work out into the world.

Your message. Your expertise. Your career skills.
All of it -- organized, structured, and then delivered in a way that allows you to be fully self-expressed and make an immediate difference in the lives of others, exactly what you’ve always wanted to.

This is a pilot program and you are being invited to be a founding client and group member, and will have an opportunity like no one else will have again (think King Arthur gathering his initial Knights of the Round Table, my favorite hero journey story).

You are going to receive all of our possible services, ideas, and strategies that we have planned for the Launch Your Life‘s Work complete program. As we grow and test, you are also going to experience what it’s like to grow and test with us. It will make both of us better, and more money over time.

And let’s be clear, we are testing the most effective, streamlined, results-producing activities, actions, simplified templates and frameworks that we have already used, studied, and purchased ourselves. Now, we are merging and improving all of those separate programs into one elite full-service, end-to-end program designed with you in mind. The aspiring individual who wants to share their Life Work message with as many people you can reach and make a difference.

My team and I have addressed, created, and added everything you would ever want in ONE COMPLETE PROGRAM that gives your purpose the perfect platform to shine your light.

Here's what you're getting

Life Work Source Book

Your very own Program Blueprint patterned after our own proven and tested Launch Your Life's Work Blueprint

Brand Source Book*

A resource that contains your brand guidelines and assets as a product of your intensive 1-on-1 session with our Branding Strategist and Coach

Lead Generation Pipeline including a lead magnet, a welcome email sequence; plus landing and thank you pages

An expert-designed Website to showcase your brand, products and services

Private Community

A platform where you can personally interact with your clients and members

Signature Online Course

An online course based on your book to be sold as an interactive  digital companion

I am ready to Launch My Life's Work and create my Online Programs

 From mindset, digital ecosystem development and audience building, to delivering a vibrant unleashed online and stage presence. We will write, position, and package your life’s work in an extraordinary way that allows you to authentically, clearly and impactfully share your life’s work.

Continuously weaving in the lessons of your life arc, mentor influences, and career growth, we will co-create an irresistible flagship program, digital ecosystem, brand message and brand promise for the difference you make in the lives of your audience, readers, and clients.


A few kind words...

"Chris Trammell can be called many things: a champion for you, a cheerleader, and a confidant. To work with a trusted man with success in sales, administration, education, training, and developing others, you can’t help but be confident and bring forth your best. Chris’ unwavering faith and commitment come from a basic premise that no worthy accomplishment in life happens if we go it alone."

Boise Thomas
Author, Life Coach, & LYLW Team Coach

Boise Thomas

"Chris Trammell has an exquisite ability to listen for your greatness, organize it, and then hold it up for you to see, and live into. Chris is committed to Kaizen, continuous improvement."

John Bates
Ted Talk Coach, client, and Live Like a Leader Global coach

Boise Thomas

"Chris Trammell, you are one of a kind and have anyone who works with you feel seen, heard, and standing in their greatness. I appreciate you, what you have done for me and my brand, and the professionalism and insights you bring to coaching."

Mandi Dana
Global Results Coach, and LYLW guest master coach

"Chris has the unique ability to coach you to success. He sees what no one else can - your gifts that need to be shared with the world. His programs range from a quick brainstorm to get organized to a complete 6-month program to help you launch whatever program you desire, to a full-fledged program where he crafts the plan needed to launch any success course, business or program. He is the secret sauce behind so many successful entrepreneurs. His wisdom is priceless!"

Juli Schulz
Brand and Corporate Sustainability Expert

Boise Thomas

"As a participant of his Pastor 2.0 program and recipient of Chris’ coaching I have grown so much in just ONE year. Never. Looking. Back. Not only is so much more possible and becoming manifest for me, this Spirit is overflowing in my church, too! Working with Chris, I have extra 4-digit income, I’ve published a book, am writing a second, and have the third sketched out. All of that is fun. The difference-maker for me has been the people who’s transformation I’ve been blessed to be a part of."

Melissa Ebken
Author, Pastor, Client and Creator of Pursuing Uncomfortable

Boise Thomas

I am ready to Launch My Life's Work and create my Online Programs