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I'm Chris Trammel

My road-less-traveled career combines over 15 years of Transformational work and coaching, 20 years of Sports Psychology & Coaching, Educational Program Development, and Leadership Purpose & Performance training while weaving in ageless wisdom and inspiring human potential.


I partner with you to work at a pace that moves you consistently toward your goals, while powerfully managing any busy or demanding schedule.

My life context and coaching foundation is When You Shine, I Shine. It is why, first and foremost, I am 100% committed to your success.


My first entrepreneurial endeavor was as a wildlife educator, and dog and exotic animal trainer.


Then, in 2008, I launched America's Decor Store; a collegiate custom decor store, and then Support Our Troops Ornaments where I supported veteran programs.


As a son of a U.S. Air Force veteran, I was inspired to create products whose proceeds supported veteran job placement and rehabilitative programs.


In 2019, after years of sales, marketing, and brand development for the global titans Nike and Under Armour, I formed Seeds From Sunday Consulting where I could share my passion, experience and creativity for generating online engagement and sales. And when the pandemic hit in 2020, I quickly created PASTOR 2.0 where I focused on coaching sacred space and community leaders to successfully pivot and launch their gifts and talents online.


From there, I began to work with more and more gifted, passionate, and industry-leading professionals who wanted to create their own Signature Group Coaching Programs and have the greatest legacy impact possible, which led to the creation of Launch Your Life’s Work.

I am married and live in Long Beach, CA. And when I am not coaching, speaking, or supporting clients, I am either with my son golfing or working out, running, or cycling with my wife (I am a 2x IRONMAN and 20 years Track & Field Coach). I serve as part of the leadership at First Christian Church North Hollywood, love writing 6-7 figure Signature Group Coaching Programs or digital courses, or sitting quietly and meditating along the Long Beach coast.


ALL OF THAT TO SAY - I have lots of great experience, stories, and would really like to connect with you and see how I can support you to redefine or grow into your next level of personal, physical, or professional success.

Focus on purpose and meaning expressed through bold, practical, and expanding leadership practices in your daily life journey.

- Chris Trammell

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