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Helping Authors, Experts, and Difference-Makers Monetize Their Expertise.

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Life Work Expert

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Package, Market, Scale, and Deliver your passion and expertise both online and offline.

Let's elevate your Leadership & Communication.

My Promise is to be your #1 Life Work Coach.


Chris Trammell



"I love Writing Transformative Group Coaching Programs for Thought-leaders, Difference-makers, and Authors. I specialize in Creating Your Profitable Platform, Masterclass, and Online Course as your Life Work Curriculum Writer and Coach."

Chris combines over 30 years of teaching, coaching, and championing others to develop and enjoy their life victories.

Chris uniquely blends Sports Psychology, Program & Curriculum Development, Communication, and Leadership Performance, while weaving in ageless wisdom and human potential.

Whether launching online, or developing your book or knowledge-based business, Chris will align your gifts, talents, and expertise to create your best profitable platform and guide you on the pathway to living the life that fulfills all of your dreams.

Chris' Coaching and Consulting Services

Launch Your Life's Work™

Launch Your Life's Work™ is an end-to-end, all-inclusive, complete online ecosystem solution...


From mindset, digital ecosystem development and audience building, to delivering a vibrant unleashed online and stage presence. We will write, position, and package your life’s work in an extraordinary way that allows you to authentically, clearly and impactfully share your life’s work.


Here is your opportunity to change the trajectory of your life, increase your revenue, and create impact at scale

The Author Launchpad™

The Author Launchpad™ is a  streamlined 90-Day hybrid DFY coaching & implementation program that guides recently published & emerging non-fiction authors and experts to launch their book business without the tech overwhelm or confusion on what steps to take next. I will help you package, build, and sell your knowledge, content, or expertise so that you can generate profit and make your life-changing impact.


The whole world has shifted, moved online, and has created opportunities for you globally to build your book business and leave a legacy!

Business & Communication Coaching

From Long Beach to EuropeIf you've been feeling like your business leadership is stale or not performing at the level it could - or maybe you just started and you need guidance through the critical first steps in order to reach success as quickly and efficiently as possible - I am here to help!

I want to help you succeed. That's why I will take the time to get to know your business and empower you with personalized one-to-one coaching so that when it comes to achieving your goals or meeting organization needs - YOU ARE CLEAR, ENLIVENED, AND CONFIDENT.

Chris' performance,
life, and purpose coaching will powerfully guide you to:


Identify Your Goals
Get focused and elevate your mindset to improve your PERFORMANCE between coaching sessions so that you can stay present and effective when life's challenges arise.


Overcome Challenges
Life is full of challenges and obstacles. Build your CONFIDENCE and strengthen your muscles of success. Chris' methods will help you learn and grow through your challenges instead of letting them stop you on your journey.


Learn Mindfulness
Accessing & harnessing your PURPOSE, happens through mindfulness, dreaming, and vision. What does that still small voice say when you listen to it? What would it be like to live on purpose daily.


Profits Find You
Feeling aimless? When you express the vision you have for yourself and those your life's work will benefit, you will naturally begin to enjoy the gifts of REVENUE with fulfillment, joy and confidence.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes makes a difference

After 15 years of product launch, development, sales and marketing, customer service, and management, Chris' unique team-oriented perspective may be exactly what you need.



A few kind words...

John Bates

Ted Talk Coach, client, and Live Like a Leader Global coach

"Chris Trammell has an exquisite ability to listen for your greatness, organize it, and then hold it up for you to see, and live into. Chris is committed to Kaizen, continuous improvement."

Boise Thomas

Author, Life Coach, & LYLW Team Coach

"Chris Trammell can be called many things: a champion for you, a cheerleader, and a confidant. To work with a trusted man with success in sales, administration, education, training, and developing others, you can’t help but be confident and bring forth your best. Chris’ unwavering faith and commitment come from a basic premise that no worthy accomplishment in life happens if we go it alone."

Mandi Dana

Global Results Coach, and LYLW guest master coach

"Chris Trammell, you are one of a kind and have anyone who works with you feel seen, heard, and standing in their greatness. I appreciate you, what you have done for me and my brand, and the professionalism and insights you bring to coaching."

Juli Schulz

Brand and Corporate Sustainability Expert

"Chris has the unique ability to coach you to success. He sees what no one else can - your gifts that need to be shared with the world. His programs range from a quick brainstorm to get organized to a complete 6-month program to help you launch whatever program you desire, to a full-fledged program where he crafts the plan needed to launch any success course, business or program. He is the secret sauce behind so many successful entrepreneurs. His wisdom is priceless!"

Melissa Ebken

Author, Pastor, Client and Creator of Pursuing Uncomfortable

"As a participant of his Pastor 2.0 program and recipient of Chris’ coaching I have grown so much in just ONE year. Never. Looking. Back. Not only is so much more possible and becoming manifest for me, this Spirit is overflowing in my church, too! Working with Chris, I have extra 4-digit income, I’ve published a book, am writing a second, and have the third sketched out. All of that is fun. The difference-maker for me has been the people who’s transformation I’ve been blessed to be a part of."

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