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Beginning January 22nd, 12pm Pacific


Let’s Build Your Book Business in my 3-Phase Proven Process for Packaging, Marketing, & Monetizing Your Book Expertise
The Author Launchpad™.

You will work hands-on, step-by-step directly with me and my team to build the foundations to package, promote, and monetize your book business foundations based on your book content, experience, and expertise so you can generate a steady flow of your dream clients like clockwork.

This is a DONE-FOR-YOU and DONE-WITH-YOU high-touch accountability coaching program uniquely designed to give you my years of performance coaching, curriculum writing, and transformational work so that you can bring your knowledge and expertise to life.
Here's what we will cover to immediately activate your success;

The Author Launchpad™ Live Workshop Schedule:

Session 1 -Mon, Jan 22nd, 12pm PT 

Bring Your Book to Life!
Discover the opportunities & critical requirements for bringing your book to life after publishing. It’s time to grow from Author-Writer to Author-Difference Maker.


Session 4 - Thurs, Jan 25th, 12pm PT

Simplifying Sales to Grow!
It’s time to learn the basics of “scale.“ Your expert business must have the winning structures to grow from Beta to Revenue to Bank. Let’s put it all together today and show you what’s possible.

Session 2 – Tues, Jan 23rd, 12pm PT

Your Marketing Must haves!
From Owning your Expertise to developing your Million Dollar Message, you must have these online foundations in place to become a well-paid industry-leading expert.

Session 5 -Friday, Jan 26th, 12pm PT

Beta Makes You Better!
This phase is for you if you have never coached, sold direct, or delivered your own workshop. You must practice, deliver your first Beta, and serve don't sell. Deliver your promise and profits will come.

Session 3 -Wed, Jan 24th, 12 PM PT

Launch Your Expertise!
It’s time to launch your expert message! No more getting stuck with Tech! Keep it Simple Solutions to unleash your best, confident self with 
DFY partnership.

Bonus Saturday Sessions - Jan 27th 12pm PT

It's a Bonus Bonanza
It’s time to listen to the publishers, the published, the clients, and the coaches who brought their content to life and are enjoying impact and income beyond book sales.

Authors, Speakers, and Experts; it’s time to escape the confusion and overwhelm that as had you stuck and wondering if you will ever have the influence, impact, and income that you, your book, and your expertise deserves.

In the Author Launchpad Workshop & Masterclass you will learn the proven revenue roadmap process to attract, serve, and sell to your ideal client audience no matter what the publishers, economy, or agents are telling you. I know you have everything it takes to be as successful as you want. What you don’t have is the Coaching & Revenue Roadmap I am going to teach you in this workshop.



  • Because you are done with inconsistent sales from your awesome book, talk, or wealth of experiences that you have not been able to monetize effectively yet.
  • You want to regain your time and do what you love! What if in this workshop series you could learn the secrets, the foundations, and the critical processes needed to turn your knowledge and expertise into sustainable, growing, and fulfilling revenue
  • You want to break free from ‘life or death by book sales’, publisher availability, or agents who really don’t get you, and share why this matters so much to you. 
  • Let me give you your power back and show you exactly how to package, market, promote, and passionately share your expertise profitably!

Join me beginning January 22nd at 12 PM Pacific where I’m going to walk you through my 3-Phase 9-steps process that all of the most successful authors, coaches, influencers, and leaders have used to become #1 in their industry niche.

Over these 5 days, delivered in 45-55 minutes of fun, playful, power sessions, I promise I will hold nothing back and to show you exactly what you need to do to have your dreams fulfilled from book to stage, or virtual appearances.  AND THE GUEST EXPERTS are going to be amazing!




Founder, Creator, and Head Coach

Chris Trammell is a veteran of high-performance, transformational coaching, curriculum writing, and program development. He has coached numerous championship athletes in track and field, graduated hundreds of scholars in the fields of biology, zoology, and the life sciences. And has read, extracted, and implemented decades worth of transformational content from elite, life-changing authors, experts, and leaders to be able to apply and coach from in his high-performing programs. 

Chris uses the same tried and true process for his clients that he has used to build his businesses and programs; to find the perfect intersection between market want, life experience, expertise, and story use. Chris is an expert at process design and service-product packaging to drive marketing, sales, and impact.  Before quitting his corporate job where he sold for global titans Nike and Under Armour, he helped numerous teams, athletes, and programs launch new brand identities and missions.

He has also been trained by Tony Robbins, Landmark Education, and Brendon Burchard. He has 20+ years experience as a USA Track & Field certified HS coach, completed the Ironman 2x, numerous half-Ironman races, and now Chris mentors leaders and professionals around the country to achieve full self-expression, financial abundance, and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Who is The Author Launchpad™ 

You're a nonfiction Author, coach, consultant, or expert in your area of knowledge looking to launch a high-ticket course or coaching program so you can exponentially expand your impact and income.
You've probably been stuck for a while trying to generate book sales, frustrated by all the publisher programs, sales classes, virtual book signings, and a flood of information that never seems to fit together into a strategy that actually works.
That ends right now with The Author Launchpad™.
You are the most important element of your business, and your book is an extension of YOU! 
In this live workshop you'll re-ignite the confidence and clarity you had when you started your journey and begin transforming the life and legacy of your book and your impact.
Reignite Your Author Journey Today

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