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The Lightcast

A Podcast About the Light You Bring to the World

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Fri, 21 Jan 2022 ◦ 6 Minutes

The LightCast Episode 0 - "A Star is Born!"



What's the gift in you that everyone knows you for? Where do you make the most positive difference in your life? Are you a teacher? Do you volunteer? Maybe there was a movie you made or you wrote a book or some other piece of inspirational work.


Well, that's exactly why I created The Lightcast. The Lightcast is a podcast about shining the light in you as far bright and wide as you can. And that's what fuels the brightness in all of us, when we shine as bright as we can with no inhibitions, with full courage and as audacious as we want to be. That is what has us shine to make the difference that we are.

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