“Don’t Call it a Comeback, I ain’t never been down…"

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Don't Call it a Comeback

“Don’t Call it a Comeback, I ain’t never been down…"

"I have been wanting to start a blog for quite a while. I know it’s one of the most effective ways of being able to share your message, improve your SEO score, and have evergreen content that people can get to know you by. However, in the overwhelm of keeping up with all the other strategies of business, and client caretaking, this has been one of my weak areas.

So I began my blog on a very important contextual weekend; Easter. I hope you appreciate the message that I shared for Easter and will let me know what your “Ultimate Comeback“ is."

“Don’t Call it a Comeback, I ain’t never been down…"
- LL Cool J

Pretty Good Right!? #talent to be able to weave LL COOL J into Easter. And can you hear the universal message? (No, not the Knockout 👊🏼 💥 😵 part), the bigger message?

Easter is the Ultimate Comeback Story. 🏆

The story of a Human Being who had transcended the pull and push of the ego so that His Light 💡, only and always, sought to bring out the Light of Perfection and Highest Possibilities in all those He met.

🥰 To Dominate no one.

🌍 To love ❤️ all.

☮️ To uplift the diminished and marginalized.

🤟🏼To restore Peace WITHIN before we do, say, or take any action on the outer.

😍 Yes, Easter is the Ultimate Comeback time.

Spring’s beginning. 🌞🌻 Earth Inhaling again after the long exhale of Winter ❄️.

You don’t have to believe or have a particular faith practice to reflect and look 👀 for where your life has experienced restoration, renewal, or the divine lesson of the resurrection.

It’s a timeless story, The Hero’s Journey, from The Phoenix 🔥 to Jesus The Christ consciousness manifested as another Divine Avatar / Guru / Teacher.

Most of us have a comeback story, even if we aren’t present to it.

So what’s your #ultimatecomeback?

When did you #RollAwayYourStone to let Divine light 🌝 back in?

After the Loss of a loved one? 🌈

After the heartbreak 💔 of a relationship?

After stepping out of a situation that did not work for your joy, well being, or freedom?

Inside my 5-D Life Work Process, I guide you to tap into your comeback story.☝🏼

Whether that story is still floating in the stars, waiting in the days before you, or lies in quiet potential in the pages of the days behind you 🤔

👉🏼 You have a story ✍🏼 and it most often starts with Your Life’s Work.

Comeback story to be exact.

I made a promise to Source, The Divine, Christ Consciousness, or by whatever name you call Spirit, that I would guide others on rolling away from their stones, Shining their Light, and Launching Their Life’s Work. 🚀💯

It doesn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t always emerge without deep work and putting in the reps/practice/mindfulness.

And when it does, that stone is gone. The one that has slowed you down, weighted your smile, and not let you look 👀 at your next stage of sharing your Gift, Talent, or Expertise.

So, on this Easter (and the other High Holy Days being observed today), what is YOUR EASTER COMEBACK? ☀️

What is the message of Your Life Work? Do you know it? Can you write ✍🏼 down and make it plain?

And how are you sharing it so that others can experience their Light 💡 through You?

Happy Easter Ultimate Comeback Day!

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