Play Your Hits - DAY 2 of Launch Your Life's Work

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YOUR LIFE MESSAGE™ is your #1 Hit. . . so play it!

HarryStyles !!! Forgive me for forgetting his name during Day 2 of my Launch Your Life's Work™ livestream. But he and Shania Twain proved my point perfectly and soooo dang entertainingly!
'PLAY YOUR HITS' . . . those hits that move people., and stirs their senses!
The hits allow people to be transported to another place and time, when life was (hopefully) better, playful, connected, growing, or whatever the magic of that moment was. #WoUhuhOh
You can just hear the women in the audience erupt with excitement when those #unmistakable notes that open #manifeellikeawoman come on.
And let's be clear, this song was released in 1997! So this was the soundtrack of the days of teens for millenials, and the youth of Gen Z - the moms and the daughters were equally empowered by it, dancing around, singing into a hairbrush, or whatever it was.
When your #lifemessage is so clear and empowers so many people at once, you become immortal. . . well, at least your words do. And by the looks of it, Shania Twain too is forever gorgeous and might be an immortal. I digress.
As you look deep to uncover your Life Work Message™ you will know how clear it is by the number of people you embrace, empower and galvanize around a common hero's journey.
Do that inner landscape work.
Ask yourself, "What am I  here for"?
It's not a 'go find' type of journey. It is a declaration born out of the process of Self-Discovery and guided introspection. That's what I do with you in this program.
And when you dial that message in . . . well . . .
Oh UH uh Oh . . . I feel like . . . a woman! Enlivened, moving others, putting big ol' smiles on peoples faces, and living my best work out in the world.
Now go get your hairbrush, #letyourhairdown, put your phone on sillent and click on the link -
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